Montreal, Je T’Aime

chef kev & co.

Ahhhh, Montreal. Nothing like taking a break from the grind to absorb a different culture, learn a little French and eat your body weight in meat. The city that is on the other side of the provincial border but feels like worlds away. With 1.65 million French-Canadians nestled into and atop a small mountain, it is no wonder that tourists flock to this Euro-cultural epicentre of North America. Things happen a bit slower here and the hustle-bustle of a typical work week isn’t the vibe it’s going for.

Our Uber driver was helpful on the way to our rental apartment. We kept asking him about smoked meat and poutine, even though we had a few reservations lined up. He chuckled a bit, recommended a few places and reminded us that Montrealers don’t eat like that every day. They might indulge once, twice, maybe 3 times a year in something so decadent…

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